Reliance 4246 Exam and Surgical Stools

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Reliance 4246 Exam and Surgical Stools

Haag Streit Diagnostics
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All 4200 Series Stools have five legs to distribute weight evenly and ensure stability. The circumference of the base exceeds that of the seat to maintain stability in the sit-stand position. Both stools have 15" round seats. Stool height adjusts through lever located under the seat. To raise the stool, ease weight off and a pneumatic assist will raise the seat. Lift up the lever, and the stool gently descends to the desired height. 15" round seat with adjustable, tilted, and upholstered backrest. Horizontal and vertical movement tailor the stool to an ergonomic fit.

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Swivel 360°

Seats on all 4200 and 100 Series Stools swivel 360° independently of the base, so height is not affected.

Finished for durability

All exposed metal, with the exception of the aluminum base casting, is chrome-plated steel. Base casting and legs are finsihed in tough, black epoxy enamel.


All stools come with black as standard, but you can match your office or treatment room decor with our selection of 14 easy-to-maintain vinyl colors. Other vinyl and nylon tweed inserts are available at additional cost. All materials are fire retardant.