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Haag Streit Slit lamp – 10 Year Limited Warranty

calendar Jan 14, 2019

Scope of warranty


The 10 Year Limited Warranty covers all parts of the slit lamp against manufacturing defects. In the unlikely case of a defect, Haag-Streit will replace the defective part free of charge.


Maintaining consistent performance over many years


The slit lamp consists of more than 100 moving parts which have up to 50 motions per examination. To maintain the smooth and precise operation of these mechanical components, even after millions of movements, they need to be periodically cleaned and greased. The interval depends upon the intensity of the use of the slit lamp and the ambient conditions; it must not exceed 3 years.


Registration of the slit lamp


To activate the 10 Year Limited Warranty the slit lamp must be registered with our online registration platform.

With this registration the slit lamp’s own online service record is created where Haag-Streit technicians list all service activity such as the start of the warranty, preventive maintenances and the end of the warranty. In case of a warranty claim it provides the Haag-Streit distributor with all relevant information.


Terms and Conditions